Saving Lives the Odd Way

An electric underwear and an anti-rape underwear may sound funny, but in truth, these were thought of as possibly means of saving lives, particularly, the lives of the bed-ridden and of women who may fall victims to rape.

Recently two gears were developed, one in Canada, by Sean Dukelow, a Canadian researcher, and the other in India, by engineering students. Dukelow, whose main concern was to reduce the chances of bed sore development and infection in bed-ridden patients, introduced the electric underpants, also called the Smart-E-Pants. Bed sores or open wounds, according to him, are caused by sustained pressure on the skin of the person who is confined to the bed for a long time. This pressure can slow down the flow of blood in the capillaries or tiny blood vessels, depriving the skin of enough oxygen and tissue nutrients, resulting to damaged or dead tissues. Bed sores can easily lead to infection, even death. In the US, about 60,000 deaths, due to bed sores, are reported every year.

The other gear that was reported to have been introduced in India by three engineering students was the Anti-Rape Underwear, meant to enable women and girls to defend themselves against social, workplace or domestic sexual abuses. The slow move of the Indian government to implement measures that will certainly curb rape crimes was what prompted the three students to come up with the safety gear.

The anti-rape underwear, also called Society Harnessing Equipment (SHE), was reported to be equipped with a GPS and capable of emitting 82 electric shocks, as strong as 3,800 kilovolts, and sending an SMS to the family of the victim and the police.

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