The Effects of the BP Oil Spill

It is no secret that the continued health of the world’s ecology depends on a delicate balance of multiple factors. The slightest change is one of these factors can upset it and create environmental problems such as changes in the weather patterns, extinction of a species, or destruction of a habitat.

This is why the BP oil spill is such a big deal; the effects on the ecology is long-term and, without exaggeration, incalculable. Even now, three years down the road, dolphins and other sea flora and fauna are still dying. Experts expect this to get worse. They are still waiting for the effects that are not yet apparent, similar to the catastrophic decimation of the herring population which only became apparent four years after the Exxon Valdez oil disaster in 1989, and that was only 10.8 million gallons. The BP oil spill is estimated at 172 million gallons.

And because the health of most of the people, businesses and nonprofit organizations in the Gulf of Mexico are closely linked to the health of the water, its continued and extensive contamination will radically change the situation in that area, particularly from a financial standpoint. According to the website of the oil spill claim attorneys at Williams Kherkher, BP promised to compensate all those affected by the incident but actually 75% of claims are denied. This can be devastating for those who have a legitimate claim.

For a better chance of success, it is really necessary to get the right legal representation. Some non-profits may also need assistance to recover from the BP oil spill, such as those involved in wildlife preservation, education or disease research. As with individual and for-profit business claims, non-profits may also benefit from the knowledge and experience of lawyers who know the ins and outs of BP claims and the appeals process.

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