Is There Someone to Fault for My Child’s Cerebral Palsy?

One of the most common movement disorders that plague children is cerebral palsy. It is a disorder that is due to an abnormality with the brain that affects muscles that then affects a child’s posture, movement, balance, or basic abilities such as swallowing or speaking or hearing. At present, there is no known cure for cerebral palsy.

Sometimes, a phenomenon like this cannot be helped. It is an unfortunate affair, as disabilities are, but if they are natural then there is only fate to blame. However, that is simply not the case for a strong majority of people who have suffered cerebral palsy.

One of the primary causes of cerebral palsy is negligence that can constitute as both medical malpractice as well as birth injury. These are two subsets of personal injury, a branch of the law that deals with situations that involve an innocent party suffering the consequences of an accident that were caused by the negligence of someone else. The consequences may be debilitating injuries that are of a physical, emotional, or mental nature (or any combination of the three).

If your child acquired cerebral palsy, they will have to deal with that for the rest of their lives. It is something they must adjust to and would require so much more patience and hard work that is not required of normally able-bodied folk.

Though it may be difficult to deal with a case of this nature if you are the plaintiff, it is understandably difficult to think of anything else but recovery in this trying time. A Philadelphia cerebral palsy lawyer, for one, would have the necessary knowhow to navigate through the legal proceedings.

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Damages from Hurricane Sandy

What started out as a low pressure area ended up causing so much damage that it was considered a super storm. Hurricane Sandy, which made landfall in the US in New Jersey on October 29, 2012, claimed the lives of at least 125 people and caused an estimated $50 Billion in property damages in 24 states, second only to Katrina which devastated New Orleans in 2005. Business establishments, public works, infrastructure, private houses, vehicles, even something in the ground like a swimming pool were all damaged by the wind and rain sucked in by Sandy for three days before it dissipated.

The law firm of Williams Kherkher which handles numerous Hurricane Sandy insurance claims, states that to this date, the full extent of the property damage wreaked by the 2012 super storm has not yet been determined. About $10 Billion may be covered by windstorm insurance, and many are still in the process of claiming. However, it is likely that many will be denied compensation or not be able to get the full benefit of their insurance.

This is unfortunately how insurance companies work. They are in the business of making money, not protecting their clients. A client is only waited on hand on foot when they are paying premiums or can be persuaded to get even more insurance for this is when the insurance company makes money. When it comes to claims, clients are on their own.

Of course, not all insurance companies are created equal, but in general the three Ds prevail: deny coverage, delay payment, or defend their stance, forcing clients to either give up or go to court. Most clients simply give up, and this is what insurance companies count on to protect their profit margin.

This is not right. However, most people feel intimidated about the notion of filing a lawsuit, especially if they are dealing with a large company. They feel they don’t have the resources to pull it off. But if the lawyer retained knows what he or she is doing, most of the damages caused by Hurricane Sandy occurred outside the courthouse.

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Defective Hip Implants and Personal Injury

Most people take their health for granted until something goes wrong. There is nothing worse than a tooth ache or a Charley horse that will not go away. It can make your whole body and ruin your whole day. Imagine if such pain is yours on a permanent basis as a result of an accident, for instance. The website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® can be difficult coping with such pain for any length of time, which is why non-economic damages are usually larger than economic ones.

Many people have hip implants to alleviate just such excruciating pain. People suffering from the effects of a hip fracture or arthritis can experience extreme discomfort or pain. In many cases it can get so bad that their mobility is severely compromised. Hip implants are designed to remove the cause of the pain and make the situation more manageable. Replacing damaged body parts with functional synthetic ones is an exciting technological development and many advances will be made in the future as improvements are found.

But sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease. There have been cases where the hip implants were defective, causing complications that seriously compromise the health and wealth of the patient. An article on the website of these Franklin personal injury lawyers mentions metallosis as one of these complications, caused by the metal-on-metal components in certain brands of hip implants. Metallosis is the build-up of metal debris in the soft tissue, which may lead to necrosis, tumors and localized pain.

Defective hip implants will require additional to first remove the device, and another one to replace it. The healing process can be lengthy, and the costs high. What makes it worse is that it should not have been necessary if the manufacturer had done the requisite research to ensure the safety of their product. In such cases, the assistance of an Orange County lawyer would be invaluable to recover damages for both medical costs, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

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