Important Factors when Applying for Workers’ Compensation Benefit

Construction sites, factories, gas and chemical plants, and mining areas, are the most common working environments where accidents that lead to severe injuries, chronic illnesses and deaths happen. A severe injury can be enough to cast a construction worker and his/her family into a crippling financial situation, especially if the injury leads to a disability that will partially or totally incapacitate a person from performing regular work.

The scenario above only shows how really important the workers’ compensation benefit is to anyone who gets injured while performing work or who develops a deadly, chronic illness, as this benefit is aimed at providing immediate and sure financial help that would cover cost of medical treatment, lost wages, vocational rehabilitation, disability or death. When applying for this benefit, the following steps are required:

  • A medical examination by a doctor who is accredited by the workers’ compensation insurance provider
  • Notification of the employer, usually 30-45 days after the injury was sustained or when the illness was discovered. This is followed by the filing of the application for claims which has to be done within the statute of limitation, which can extend up to two years in some states. For guaranteed safe filing, though, it is best to file the application within a year after the accident occurred (or after the illness was diagnosed)

The form for the application of claims will be issued by the employer after having been notified. The injured worker should make sure that the form is properly and correctly filled out (that no boxes or lines requiring information are left empty or signature missed as any of these will result to denial of the claim) and that all documents proving the injury are attached. Among the important information required are the claimant’s name, address, Social Security Number, date and time the injury was sustained, the place where the injury was sustained, the full description of the injury, the name and address of the employer, the date the employer was informed of the injury, and so forth.

It is no secret that claims forms are quite confusing and that the documents that need to be included are quite plentiful – enough to make everything burdensome to the injured worker. Add to this the firmness of those tasked in approving claims to deny out rightly any form that bears technical mistakes or lacks supporting documents.

Seeking the assistance of a Minnesota workers’ compensation lawyer will save the injured a great deal of time as this legal professional can help in the immediate processing and approval of the much needed benefit.

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Workplace Accidents include Plumbing Jobs

Workplace accidents can happen to anyone, especially those who work in the construction industry, including those slated to lay pipes and plumbing fixtures. It is essential that safety regulations and precautions are in place to protect workers in construction as well as other work areas. There are many ways a person can get injured in a work place, even something as mundane as plumbing. Plumbers, actually, may be in for more risk than most people think.

Plumbing is something that that is essential in any modern structure, and yet it is the most often overlooked, since plumbing work is usually hidden from sight. Plumbing does not seem like a hazardous occupation, yet the nature of the work exposes the worker to all sorts of dangers. This is because the work often happens in basements, floors, and ceilings before the structure is complete and side by side with electrical wiring. Plumbers often have to contend with electrocution as well as falling objects, falling from height, and scaffolding collapse.

A recent accident that killed a plumber in California while he was working in a trench is suspected to have been due to electrocution. It is fortunate that in the US, employers are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance to their employees. The family of the unfortunate plumber is likely to receive at least some assistance in the midst of this tragedy. As stated in the Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® website, monetary compensation can never bring back a departed loved one, nor does it soften the blow, but it can help make the transition a little bit easier.

However, filing a claim for workers’ compensation is not always easy, especially when it is not a clear-cut case. It may be a really good idea to contact an injury law firm in Franklin to discover whether or not the injured worker or family of a deceased worker gets the proper benefits and compensation. If this is the case, make sure that the Riverside, California attorneys representing you have experience in this type of claim. You should also look for an attorney who will work to help you understand where your case is in the process and will keep you up to date with developments that may occur.

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