Is There Someone to Fault for My Child’s Cerebral Palsy?

One of the most common movement disorders that plague children is cerebral palsy. It is a disorder that is due to an abnormality with the brain that affects muscles that then affects a child’s posture, movement, balance, or basic abilities such as swallowing or speaking or hearing. At present, there is no known cure for cerebral palsy.

Sometimes, a phenomenon like this cannot be helped. It is an unfortunate affair, as disabilities are, but if they are natural then there is only fate to blame. However, that is simply not the case for a strong majority of people who have suffered cerebral palsy.

One of the primary causes of cerebral palsy is negligence that can constitute as both medical malpractice as well as birth injury. These are two subsets of personal injury, a branch of the law that deals with situations that involve an innocent party suffering the consequences of an accident that were caused by the negligence of someone else. The consequences may be debilitating injuries that are of a physical, emotional, or mental nature (or any combination of the three).

If your child acquired cerebral palsy, they will have to deal with that for the rest of their lives. It is something they must adjust to and would require so much more patience and hard work that is not required of normally able-bodied folk.

Though it may be difficult to deal with a case of this nature if you are the plaintiff, it is understandably difficult to think of anything else but recovery in this trying time. A Philadelphia cerebral palsy lawyer, for one, would have the necessary knowhow to navigate through the legal proceedings.

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